Our seafood dishes


© Baucogna stockfish: with pinenuts, walnuts, hezelnhts, dried mushrooms and amarettos € 8
© Ligurian salted codfishballs € 6 ( with olives, potatoes and pinenuts)
Grouper mousse with citrus sauce reduction € 6 **
Trio of starters € 10

Main courses

Fresh pasta with squid ink and shrimp sauce, flamed with cognac € 12
Pasta of Camalli € 10
(spaghetti with anchovies, pine nuts, olives, fresh cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, thyme, myrtle, simmered with brandy)
© Pasta with mussels sauce € 10
© Dumplings seasoned with macheto sauce € 7 (macheto = sauce made up of anchovies, butter and oil)

(In the second courses the side dish is already included)
Second courses

© Stockfish “alla spezzina” and corn polenta with beans and black cabbage € 12
Stockfish with pine nuts, onion, carrot, olives.
© Brandacujun € 12 (white stockfish and potato cream over lemon seasoned potato wafer)
© Stuffed anchovies € 10 (minced anchovies, bread dunked into milk, mortadella, prescinsöa cheese and eggs)
© Stewed c uttlefishes with chards € 14
Warm seafood salad with cuttlefishes, mussels, flying squids and citrus reduction € 14
Monkfish bundle € 12 (phyllo dough, monkfish, lard, eggs, served with mixed salad )
Grilled king prawns € 12 **
Grilled sea bream with baked potatoes € 12
© Stuffed squids with baked cherry tomatoes with pesto as side dish € 15


Our dishes from the land


© Barbagiuai € 5 (Fried raviolo, with dough made up of puff pastry without eggs, only flour, filling of pumpkin, rice, parmesan, gorgonzola cheese, prescinsöa cheese, pepper and chill)
© Ligurian beans with olive cream and sun-dried tomato cream € 5
© Chained polenta= Polenta with beans and black cabbage € 5
Trio of starters € 10

Main courses

© Old ligurian lasagna with meat sauce € 10 without béchamel
(Puff pastry, lard, sausage, dried mushrooms, tomato sauce, onion, carrots, rosemary, parsley, Grana cheese)
© Dumplings seasoned with veal shank ragù € 10 The ragù was cooked for three hours
© Meat and vegetables ravioli seasoned with mushroom ragout € 12 (own production)
© White trofie with Portofino sauce € 9 (tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, basil and pesto)
( Trofie = short and rolled up ligurian pasta)

Second courses

© Sciabecco stew € 10 (of calf meat and tripe)
© Com flour cake with onion, courgette flowers and ricotta with cheeses cream € 10


© Dishes labelled with this symbol are typical of Liguria
Dishes labelled with this symbol are GLUTEN FREE


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